Design Concept

Shelves are probably one of the most useful things in a home. You can use it as a storage unit or to showcase your most treasured knick-knacks on it. And by displaying your display ornaments in an attractive fashion, your shelves are bound to make a visual statement.

This is the inspiration behind this semi-detached house. The homeowners are art lovers who wanted to display their prized art collection and books with flair. Engaging the designers from Plus Interior, they started by completely covering a two-storey wall in the living area with pristine, white shelves. This wall of cubbyholes spans the entire height of the house, from the floor of the ground storey up to the ceiling of the second level, and leaves a strong visual impact. The compartments are in various assorted sizes, which add focal interest while being able to accommodate odd shapes and sizes.

The second floor of the shelves is accessible via a matching white ladder, which adds a nice aesthetic touch. The floors are clad with artificial marble flooring and whitewashed throughout the whole house. To further create a sense of spaciousness, the area keeps mostly to a light coloured palette with two creamy two-seaters and a white console. Topping it off is a large wall hanging in whimsical colours that break the all-white regime. The dining area sits right next to a short flight of stairs, anchored by a glass top-table that overlooks the balcony. A side bar and matching seats create a cosy atmosphere suitable for quiet gatherings at home.

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