Design Concept

Irregardless of its style, every home is intended to be a private sanctuary. This five-room executive flat at Bedok North designed by Elton Ang of Plus Interior, certainly qualifies as one, going by its beautifully thought-out yet practical design. Instead of filling out every nook and cranny with garish items, he transformed this home into an attractive, classy abode.

To begin, Elton chose a warm colour palette consisting of earthy browns and cool greys to evoke a modern resort look for the family. The living area, together with the adjacent balcony, speaks of underrated elegance and simplicity. The main design feature here is a customised television console in laminates that also swivel 360 degree to face both the chengai-decked balcony and the study opposite. Meanwhile, ample storage is provided in the form of full-length cupboards hidden by a feature wall behind the sofa.

Further in, an immaculate kitchen and dining area proudly boast clean sleek lines, courtesy of custom-made cultured stone counters and a connecting dining table made of granite in white and black respectively. Elton revealed that the homeowners wanted an open kitchen but were suitably adverse to cooking odours affecting the rest of the home. To counter this problem, he knocked down the kitchen walls, and in their place now stands glass panels to provide a visual segregation. "It gives the illusion of an open kitchen. But being closed, it actually keeps the smells in the kitchen," explains Elton. The alluring space is also enhanced with a stunning row of customised drop crystal lighting, hooked up by several hoops that further ups the luxe factor of this chic area.

The master bedroom is equally arresting. Elton clad the walls in deliciously decadent wallpaper imported from France. At the same time, the back panel partition was given a slant in order to accommodate the alcove lighting, which help to set off a cosy look for the room. With an array of plush cushions and rich fabrics, this private area is an undeniable beauty.

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