Design Concept

After a particularly tiring day at work, wouldn’t you want to come home to a home that is warm and welcoming? This 3-room resale flat strived to meet the expectation, embodying the rustic charm of a tropical resort while retaining the comforms of modern living.

Our designer wanted to turn this apartment from a quaint corner into a marvellous home. Because of the limited floor space, Our designer had to make do without any extravagances. But instead of a simple, stripped down apartment, he was determined to come up with a work-of-art that combines rational fuctionality with aesthetic delights.

The homeowners requested for a place that would be soothing to the nerves - sort of a respite from the everyday bustle of the working work. Our designer responded, recreating the natural allure of a modern tropical resort into this 3-room flat at Ang Mo Kio. From the colour combination to the materials used in the home, a lot of thoughts and effort was put in to make this apartment the perfect sanctuary from the concrete jungle outside.

Most of the materials used includes darker-coloured laminates and a mixtures of glass and textured wall. This bring forth a cool interior that exudes lush calmness and waves of serenity. To overcome the challenge of the apartment’s relatively small size, our designer tore down the wall that separated the living and kitchen to make way for a spacious interior. He also manipulated the lighting in the rooms, successfully creating the illusion of airy openess.

The inmaculate living room proudly boasts a delicious mixture of creamy white walls and dark wood furniture. The back wall was finished in a textured wall coating that gives it an arresting woody, 3-D effect. To further enlarge the room, our designer create a recessed console wall that actually swivels 360 degrees. The TV screen itself can be turned to face the living room, or the study cum guest room behind the wall.

Although the dining room is quaint in comparison, the homeowners actually asked for a smaller room. A simple dining table, that sits up to four people, is complemented by a textured wall covering that evokes an al freson-style dining experience.

The master bedroom is equally arresting, with its warm mood lighting and inviting colour scheme. Our designer created a sort of focal point on the wall above the bedhead, drawing attention away from the long stretch of empty wall. Two strips of black laminate flanks the textured wall. Our designer also installed hidden lights to create a more modern design that combines comfort with style.

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