Design Concept

Clean lines, contemporary furnishing and modern accents used in unison with natural materials add a rustic touch to this luxurious modem resort-style home in Sentosa.

The living room, while spacious, is kept warm and cosy with the choice of hyacinth and wood furnishing with their earthy brown shades. Natural stones like the quartz tiles framing the television display wall brings the space closer to nature while the backdrop of tinted-black glass imparts a sense of modernity with its smooth, reflective finish. The parallel planes of the drop ceiling add visual interest while softly lighting up the space with cove lights for a perfect ambience. On the balcony, stone pebbles used for the flooring continue to reflect the beauty of nature.

Artistic and lively, alternative materials used in the dining room attests to the designer's creativity. Deviating from the usual wallcovering, the wall here is heavily textured with plaster compound and covered with a layer of matt gold and black paint to make it unique. A mirror panel in between the textured portions doubles the length of the table and multiplies the shiny brightness of the lights. The table, constructed of wood with a gold perforated metal centre aptly demands your attention with its personality and good looks.

In the bedrooms, beds were cleverly built into the window beams to provide for more space while the base of these beds were recessed for a look that's light and floaty. Roman blinds act as headboard to ground the space while the window beam, now clad in wood, provides display space for standing lamps and other items.

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