Design Concept

Living amongst the hustle and bustle of city life, the homeowners of this three-bedroom condominium apartment wanted to turn their home into a relaxing and stress-free haven. And what better way to do so than to draw inspiration from soothing resort getaways. To turn their design fancy of a modern retreat into a reality, the homeowners engaged the expertise of Plus Interior.

With resort -style living in mind, Plus Interior utilised wood textured laminates to achieve an outdoorsy, botanical feel. Using laminates instead of actual wood makes cleaning and maintenance a lot easier for the homeowners. Hence, the raised platform in the living room is constructed with plywood and finished with timber-textured laminates. The platform helps to visually separate the living room from the dining area without blocking off the two rooms, thereby effectively enlarging the space. Underneath the platform, cove lights were installed to prevent nocturnal accidents. For a clean finish, a false ceiling was constructed to aesthetically conceal the electrical wiring of the ceiling fan and downlights.

Moving into the dining area. Plus Interior employed a mirrored wall to visually expand the room. By customizing a dining table that is attached to tile mirror, an illusion that the table is twice larger than its real size is also achieved. To break up the mirror's monotonous sheen, bronze-tinted stripes were added for a more visually interesting effect.

While mirrors in the master bedroom don't have the same expanding role they play in the dining area, they were still utilized in a unique way. Aside from supporting the TV console, a mirrored wall also divides the space between the bed and the closets, turning the closet area into a quasi-walk-in wardrobe. In fact, the uniform and continuous construction of the mirrored wall, TV console and bedhead were designed to blend into one story, ultimately creating a cosy environment for the homeowners to rest and relax in.

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